Levitra guide explains what is Levitra and for what purpose it is used and effects of the Levitra when used. Levitra relaxes muscles found in blood vessels and increased the blood flow to the particular parts of the body.  It is mainly used to treat the patients who are affected with erectile dysfunction. Also it may be used for purposes which are not given in the guide. It has to be taken in consultation with the doctor only. When used with the certain other tablets or medicines it can cause sudden and drastic reduction in blood pressure. Levitra should not be used along with tablets such as nitroglycerin or any tablets which has nitrate drug.

In case if you feel uneasy, dizzy while in sexual activity please stop the activity immediately and contact your doctor immediately. Also stop taking the Levitra till further advised by the doctor. In case you have any history of issues related to heart, stroke, Blood pressure, kidney diseases and other related issues inform the physician before he recommends the Levitra. In case if you are above 50 it is a must you consult the doctor before you start using Levitra. Though not known to affect the unborn baby, it is not tested in women so far.  Mostly women are not known to use the same.

For some people, it has affected their vision due to sudden decrease in the blood pressure. So it is advised for the people who have vision issues not to use the Levitra. Take the Levitra in the quantity specified by the doctor. Don’t change the quantity without consulting the doctor. Taking Levitra in large quantity may have several side effects. Normally, it is taken roughly 2 hours before one planned to have sexual activity. It will help to achieve the erection when stimulated sexually. Taking the pill alone won’t help to achieve the erection. Ensure you have 24 hours’ time period between two dosages as it might be harmful.  Also contact the doctor if the erection remains for more than four hours or painful. Constant erection might damage the penis.